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Beer Kits

Beer kits make brewing your own beer easy. 

All the hard work has been done for you! 

Brewmonkey's Beer kits are right up there for quality, value and range.

Youngs Harvest Range  1.8 kg £16.60
0001  Youngs Harvest Bitter
0002  Youngs Harvest Lager
Some of Youngs Harvest Range is back but in a larger can.

John Bull Range  1.8 kg
0077  John Bull Best Bitter
Others in the John Bull range are expected shortly

Heart of England Range  1.5 kg £14.49
0007  Heart of England Lager
0008  Heart of England President's Pale Bitter
0009  Heart of England Best Mild
0010  Heart of England Golden Ale
0016  Heart of England Best Bitter
0018  Heart of England Stout

More Please Range 1.8 kg £15.99
0011  More Please IPA
0012  More Please Bitter
0015  More Please Dark Ale

Coopers Range 1.5 kg £15.60

0060  Coopers Lager

0062  Coopers Real Ale

0061  Coopers Stout

Other Coopers kits are available to order. Please telephone 01384 620238

Youngs American range £24.99

0086  Youngs American IPA

0087  Youngs American Pale Ale

0088  Youngs American Amber Ale

0083  Youngs American Mocha Porter

0086  Youngs New World Belgian Saison

0089  Youngs American Oaked Rum Ale