A new addition to the Young's range of American inspired brews. A variation on the ever popular IPA style this Red India ale needs no further expanation about the colour. The hop enhancement system in this type of kit ensures a that the hop flavours and aromas from the US hops (Brewmonkey suspects there is Chinook in there) is well to the fore where it should be. opped with a creamy white head over caramel and toffee flavours well balanced by the good slug of bitterness characteristic of American style beers as is the generous alcohol content at around 6.3%
Kit weight 3kg
ABV Approx 6.3%
Makes approx. 30 pints

Young's Red India Ale

SKU: 0084
  • You will need some basic eqipment to brew this kit. Take a look at Brewmonkey's Starter equipment kit.