When the Craft beer revolution in the US began, aspring brewers came to Europe for technique and inspiration. They were bowled over by the freshness and vibrancy of Saison beers from Belgium and France. Being innovators they took this home and developed it, boosting the strength and hop character. This kit from Young's has been true to that US spirit of adventure with some cracking Zew Zealand sourced hops. The hop enhancement system in this type of kit ensures that the hop flavours and aromas from the Pacific Jade and Matueka hops are well represented. This kit has the hazy gold allure of the original Saison beers with a fluffy white head and an alcohol content at around 6.3% ABV
Kit weight 4kg
ABV Approx 6.3%
Makes approx. 40 pints

Young's New World Saison kit

SKU: 0085
  • Contains gluten

  • You will need some basic eqipment to brew this kit. Take a look at Brewmonkey's Starter equipment kit.