Torrefied Wheat is heat treated in a simlar way to 'puffed wheat' breakfast cereals.This turns the water in the grain to steam and cooks the starches making them more soluble. Whilst Brewmonkey has heard of torrefied wheat being used without mashing this is not a very efficient way of using it and since most of the grain bill should be a base malt it is recommended to mash the torrefied wheat with this. It contains proteins which will improve the head of a beer and also the body and has a particular flavour. It is only necessary to use a small amount to improve head, but other beers may need more. See below for recommended amounts.
retention and add body to the finished beer.
EBC: 4
As a guide, 3-5% Torrefied wheat in a Best Bitter, 5-10% flaked barley in a stout, around 40% for a Belgian Wit and 50 to 75% for a German Hefeweizen.

Torrefied Wheat - crushed 400g

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  • Contains wheat