Hambleton Bards new S30 Dispensing system comes in two parts. This stainless steel keg holds 23 litres so is ideally sized for most kits and also for all grain batches.The keg has an inlet valve to connect a standard Hambleton Bard S30 CO2 cylinder but can easily be converted to use the smaller 8g bulbs.
A pressure gauge is attached. The system is based on the legendary Cornelius keg but with ht e advantage of being adapted for secondary fermentation.
The S30 Beer Pump tap is included with this system. If you wish to be able to serve more than one brew at a time you can purchase an extra stainless steel S30 keg but since the tap is easily transferred from one keg to another you will only need one tap.

The S30 Dispensing System

SKU: 2030
  • The S30 Dispensing System keg is tested to high pressures and has a release valve to ensure that safe limits are not exceeded.

  • The photograph makes it look as though the keg is about the same height as the tap but in fact it is about twice as tall and holds a full 5 gallon brew.