This is all grain brewing at its simplest. Heat the water in the pot on a gas hob. Electric hobs don't usually produce enough heat. Your grain bill is lowered into the water in a mashing and sparging bag which you buy yourself. The water must be kept at the required temperature for one hour to perform the mash so you will need a thermometer. Once the mash has finished the bag is lifted onto a grid and drains back into the pot. At thius point the grain is discarded and the wort boiled and hops added. At the end of the boil the wort is cooled as fast as possible with the copper coil wort chiller. Once cool the wort can be put into your fermenter and yeast pitched.
Hire includes: 32 litre stainless steel heavy pot and lid, Stainless grid for draining mashing bag, Copper coil wort chiller.
You also need to have: Mashing and sparging bag with drawstring, thermometer, long spoon, syphon, 5 gallon fermenter.
Hire is for 2 days. please contact us to book your slot.

One pot easy brew system hire

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