In the Highlands of Scotland, centuries ago, small breweries began producing rich, dark, hoppy ales know locally as “Heavy”. In addition “Light” beers were also brewed, known south of the border as Milds, but it was a pint of “Heavy” which typified the highlanders’ choice.You can now recapture this distinctive rich bitter flavour, with its dark, malty brew, balanced by a generous helping of hops. To enjoy Highland Heavy Ale at its best it should be served at cellar temperature.
Kit weight 3.0 kg
ABV Approx 4.5%
Makes approx. 40 pints

Muntons Highland Heavy Ale 3.0 kg beer kit

SKU: 0023
  • Contains gluten

  • You will need some basic equipment to brew this kit. Take a look at Brewmonkey's Starter equipment kit.