A thermostatically controlled glass tube immersion heater. Power rating 25W. For maintaining the temperare of your fermenting wine or beer throughout the colder period. Normally used in 5 gallon volumes but may be used for smaller volumes if the surrounding temperature is very cold.
The adjustment on the heater is from 16-32 degrees celsius, however most fermentations are best conducted near the lower end of this range to avoid 'off flavours'. Do not allow the heater to touch the side of your fermenter.

Immersion Heater

SKU: 0516
  •  This immersion heater must be kept completly submerged whilst switched on. Position in the fermenter so that it does not touch the sides or bottom otherwise the fermenter or the heater may be damaged.

  • Surround the fermenter with insulating material so that heat is not lost needlessly. This will place less demand on the heater to maintain the desired temperature, save energy, money and the planet.