One of the classic German 'Noble' hops, its wonderful aroma graces many Bavarian-style lager beers described as mild, but spicy, with floral and citrus tones its complexity is legendary. It is notoriously difficult to grow and if it wasn't such a wonderful hop it would have disappeared long ago.
Alpha acid: 2.9%
Main uses: A must in a Baverian style lager but also found in pilsners and wheat beers. Some delicate examples of lighter British beers have also benefitted from its use.

Hallertauer Mittelfruh - Vacuum packed leaf hops 100g

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  • All our hops are vacuum packed to ensure that oxidation is minimised and they retain as many flavour and aroma compounds as possible. If you don't use a whole pack we recommend rolling the foil pack toexclude as much air as ppossible and then store in the refrigerator or even freeze it.