Grainfather Stainless Steel Whirlpool and Aeration Paddle

'Whirlpooling' is the process that many commercial breweries use to help seperate the spent hops and trub from the wort after the boil. They usually quickly pump the wort including the unwanted solids into a vessel at an angle that causes the liquid to spin like a whirlpool and this action draws the solids into a cone at the centre of the vessel making it easier to pump the liquid out from the outside.

Homebrewers can use the same effect by rapidly stiring the beer and tjhis device from Grainfather makes what can be an arduous process much easier. The shaft fits into an eletric drill and is long enough for sizable kettles and of course is ideal for the Grainfather.

The perforated blades are designed to give just the effect we are looking for and are also ideal for intoducing air into your cooled wort before adding the yeast. A good supply of oxygen at the start of fermentation is essential to help the yeast work properly.

When using with the Grainfather, be careful not to push the blades too low or you may dislodge the filter.

Grainfather Stainless Steel Whirlpool and Aeration Paddle

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