After cleanliness the next most important factor in brewing a good beer is temperature control. This controller provides an effective way of controlling a heat pad or brew belt at the same time as a refrigerator. Most ales are best brewed between 18 - 20 degrees Celsius.
In cold weather the unit could also control a heat pad or brew belt without the need for cooling.
The unit can be set in either F or C.

Fermentation Temperature Controller UK

SKU: 0507
  • Range: -50 to +99 degrees C

    Resolution 0.1 degrees C

    Accuracy + or - 1 degree C

    Max output: 10A

    Warranty 1 year

  • Get a recycled fridge and take out the shelves so that your fermenter sits inside with a brew belt around the base plugged into the heat circuit on the controller plug board (standard 3 pin UK). The fridge plugs into the cooling circuit and the temperature probe is put into the beer. Set the upper temp to 21 degrees and the lower temp to 17 degrees.
    If you want to brew true lagers use a freezer rather than a fridge.