Courage directors beer stood out as quality at a time when most beers sold in pubs did not. Originally brewed only for the Directors of the Alton brewery who demanded the very best when it came to the beer they drank themselves. Fortunately those same Directors made the decision that their brew should be made available for sale.
Rich and full in both colour and taste with a bitterness which is moderate by today's standards but clean and distinctive with notes of orange peel and an aroma characteristic of dry hopping. Manufactured by Muntons to the standard laid down by the Directors this excellent kit makes 36 pints.
Kit weight 3kg
ABV Approx 4.8%
Makes approx. 36 pints

Courage Directors beer kit

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  • Contains gluten

  • You will need some basic eqipment to brew this kit. Take a look at Brewmonkey's Starter equipment kit.