This starter kit is more comprehensive than the Bulldog and includes a higher specification beer kit and a 5 gallon pressure barrel with CO2 injection. This is the Official Young's Licenced Product. Makes 40 pints of delicious IPA ( Indian Pale Ale ) in just 21 days.
India Pale Ale beer kit, Brewing Steriliser, 33 litre Brewing Vessel, Airlock System, Beer Paddle, Hydrometer, Trial Jar, Liquid Crystal Thermometer, Syphon System, Priming Sugar, 23 litre (5gal) Pressure Barrel, 8grm Carbon Dioxide (co2) Gas Injection System For Priming / Dispensing.
Just add water.

Always follow beer kit instructions.

Youngs Microbrewery - India Pale Ale (complete system)

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