Easy to use teabag sealed in a foil pouch containing approx 12g of east Kent Goldings hop pellets. Ideal for boosting the hop flavour and aroma of your kit brew or even for dry hopping an all grain brew.
Remove the teabag from the pouch and soak it unopened in a cup of boiling water for 12 minutes. Cover and allow the bag to cool then add the teabag along with the liquid to your fermenter after the main fermentation has subsided. The longer the bag is left in your brew the greater the effect so you can experiment until you get the hop intensity you prefer.

Brewmonkey Finishing hops - East Kent goldings

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  • All our hops are vacuum packed to ensure that oxidation is minimised and they retain as many flavour and aroma compounds as possible. If you don't use a whole pack we recommend rolling the foil pack toexclude as much air as ppossible and then store in the refrigerator or even freeze it.