This is a big kit in every sense. There's approx. 6kg of Maris Otter Extra Pale Crushed Malt as well as 5 different hop additions of top class American hops all seperately vacuum packed. There's no skimping on the yeast either with an 11.5g sachet of Safale US 05.
This kit contains grain, hops, kettle finings and yeast weighed out with no waste.

The kit is a true all grain kit which requires mashing and boiling.
This kit is packed in a recycled box to keep prices down and protect the environment.

American IPA - All Grain Kit 6.4%

SKU: 0124
  • Knowledge of  all grain brewing and suitable equipment is necessary to process this kit. If you wish to know more, please contact Brewmonkey Homebrew.

  • Contains gluten